Press coverage

We came upon the secret that is Earthworks St Ives only recently. Perhaps it’s the simple, understated shop front, just off the harbour, at No 2 Fish Street, in this well known seaside town that belies what’s inside. 

 It is different; yes, it has a beautiful collection of interior ‘items’, from Earthworks’ own designs of soft furnishings and home comforts to stunning original lamps and ‘vintage’ ships paraphernalia, a subtle mix of contemporary design and hand picked eclectic industrial items. 

 But Earthworks essence revolves around the way it captures the colour and place that is St Ives, a blend of the contemporary with a reminder of those things that reassure us that effortless design is a pacifier. The skill of the Earthworks folk is that they can intermingle their design ideas with what was contemporary in the 1930’s and 40’s. It is, in many ways I suppose, their response to living and working in West Cornwall, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean; the sense of place and colour, that also captures a wider understanding of this coastal community and the history of the arts in the town. Everything has an engaging beauty about it, that of landscape, and of colour and light; thing’s that are mood changers, yet functional and decorative at the same time.

Earthworks may also be a place to understand what is to me next in terms of interior creative design, as nothing is ‘bought in’ from far away, or mass-produced. You will never see a manufacturers bar code here. Their design confidence is in combining experience and an innate skill in creative discovery … some almost by accident … bringing what’s physically around them into their studio, and from there into the beautiful items they make. 

So is all this serendipitous, and just by happy chance? Not anymore, I guess, once you’ve been to the Earthworks shop. Desire in interior design is nothing without a solution to those things that bring us enjoyment, both practically and for their beauty. In the simplicity of the things here, you will find both.